Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The new Ps3

Recently a new version of Sony's playstation 3 has been realeased with an increased hardrive, sleeker look and most importantly a reduction in price. This scenario is very similar to that of the unveiling of the Ps2 slim. All the original functions of the Ps3 remain with no added features but it is 33 percent smaller and 36 lighter and is at a new price of 300 euro. This has had a knock-on affect to microsoft and Nintendo! Microsoft very shortly after hearing about the ps3 price cut has slashed the price of its xbox 360 Elite to 300 euro and even though there is no official statement, it is rumoured that nintendo are planning a price cut of its Nintendo wii. So if your interested in these new consoles now would be a gerat time to buy!

Michael Tobin


  1. Great to hear Sony are finally reducing the price of the PS3, for too long it has priced itself out of the market.

    Although the slashed price of the Xbox is making it more tempting!! College life is hard on the funds!

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  3. i agree now is a good time to buy one of these new consoles,i recommend microsoft's xbox 360 over sony's PS3